Closeup of phone showing videorecording of microwedding

With many engaged couples around the world rethinking their wedding plans for the foreseeable future, many are opting for a microwedding or elopement rather than a large celebration. An intimate ceremony with close family and friends could be the perfect solution for many couples, especially if they are able to livestream the ceremony. Livestreaming your wedding is a great way to have guests from across the globe be a part of the your day if they cannot be there in person!

Many companies now offer streaming services with technical support, such as Lovestream. But if you are on a budget you can definitely pull off a successful DIY livestream event. There are so many platforms to choose from such Zoom, Facebook and even Google Meet that make it easy to set up. However, no matter how much planning you put into your wedding day, it will still be very busy! That’s why we’ve put together five tips for how to host a flawless virtual wedding.

Designate a Point Person: This one is key because the last thing you want to do before you walk down the aisle is troubleshoot your video call. Ask a tech-savvy friend or family member to be in charge of the livestream. And use their device. Have your Point Person arrive at the venue early to set up so everything is ready to go for the ceremony. It’s also helpful to assign a Co-Host for the Zoom call so during the event they can assist with any technical issues virtual guests may have.

Consider Your Surroundings: This applies especially to outdoor weddings! Before jumping into planning your virtual event, consider potential issues or workarounds needed. For example if there is no WiFi available you may want to add upgrade your data plan or use a mobile hotspot. If there are no power outlets make sure all of your equipment is wireless and charged. Also consider glare from the sun when determining the best camera angle and setup.

Bride and groom wave to virtual wedding guests

Invest in Equipment: A tripod is an easy way to ensure that there are no shakes during your ceremony and that the camera is perfectly positioned. There are tons of great, inexpensive tripod options available nowadays. Consider a bluetooth lavalier microphone to ensure all of your virtual wedding guests can hear the ceremony. Test any and all equipment beforehand and make sure everything is fully charged the night before. This leads us to our next tip…

Practice Makes Perfect: This one is a must! Do a trial run (preferably on-site) either the day or a few days before with all key parties involved, such as your Point Person and Co-Host. If you have any virtual guests who you think might have trouble logging on to the event, feel free to invite them to the trial run as well. This will help you eliminate any stress on your actual wedding day.

Don’t Forget to Unplug: Take a moment after your ceremony to thank all of your virtual guests for attending and say hi to any VIPs. Then disconnect from the event! This allows you to be fully present and celebrate with the people who were able to attend in person!

Please contact us if you have any questions about livestreaming your outdoor wedding!