Central Park Picnic Wedding Receptions

Celebrate Your Wedding in Central Park!

Picnic in the park with your friends & family

We can arrange your picnic wedding reception in Central Park for small or large groups, from 2-100 guests!*

Please note that there are restrictions for events in Central Park. The setup of tents, tables or chairs is not permitted. However a small table and 1-2 chairs for individuals who cannot stand for long periods of time are permitted and can be added to your package. Blankets and pillows will be provided for seating, depending on your reception package selections.

All picnics include setup and cleanup after the event. On-site staffing can be provided for an additional charge.

* For groups over 20 people we must secure a picnic permit and permits are subject to park approval

picnic-wedding-reception-cherry-hill (21)
picnic-wedding-reception-cherry-hill (21) picnic-wedding-reception-cherry-hill (21)

Family-Style Picnic Option

Food is served and displayed elegantly on platters for all to share
Pricing starts at $65.00/person

Individual Picnic Option

Best for groups of 50 people or more, food is packaged individually in a tote for each guest
Pricing starts at $35.00/person