Are you looking for a fun way to share your love story with friends and family at your wedding? Prequels has the answer for you! Today’s interview is with the creator of Prequels, Denise Oliveira.

Where did you come up with the idea for Prequels?
Reading The New York Times. Every Sunday, the newspaper features a long article about a couple that got married the previous week. Thousands of couples get married around the world every week, why should only one get to have their story written by a reporter?

How does the interview process with couples work?
I schedule about 60 to 90 minutes on the phone with each of them, separately. We use regular phones or Skype, and I spend that time getting to know them and asking the questions I need answered so I can write their love story. I go into an interview with a list of questions in my head, but I go with the flow of the interview, and as I get to know the person, I realize what specific questions I need to ask. It’s a lot of fun both me and for the bride or groom being interviewed.


What are some of the different formats that couples choose to share their story?
Some couples choose to display their love story on their wedding website, and others prefer to print out a copy to mail to each guest, or to distribute at the wedding. Couples get creative in how they format and print their stories. Many also order our keepsakes, which incorporate their love story, and each guest receives one as a wedding favor or as an additional classy touch.

Couples that elope or that have really small weddings often mail our keepsakes to their friends after the wedding, along with wedding photos, as a wedding announcement.


Tell me about some of your favorite love stories.
I love the couple that met in church when they were 15 years old, dated for a year, and then parted ways. Sixteen years later they reunited via Facebook, and now they’re married and expecting their second child. I also love the two ladies who met online, not looking for anything serious, but are now deeply in love, planning a destination wedding in the Bahamas.

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