Looking for wedding flower ideas and inspiration? We’ve put together bouquet photos from some of our outdoor weddings in Central Park! All bouquets were arranged by our florist and are grouped by standard, premium and cascading bouquets and we’ve tried to organize by color too. At the end of the page we’ve included flower crown and boutonniere photos as well.

Wedding Flower Ideas: Round Bridal Bouquets

Below are some sample standard bouquets that are included in our packages without an upgrade.

Cream rose bridal bouquet.cream-rose-bridal-bouquet

All-white bridal bouquet: hydrangeas and roses.white-hydrangea-bridal-bouquet

White bridal bouquet of roses and baby’s breath.


 White roses and white dendrobium orchids with variegated pitt and a vintage brooch.

Romantic bridal bouquet of large white roses blue thistle, astilbe and greenery.


Small white bridal bouquet with calla lilies, lisianthus, cymbidium orchids with a single red rose and a touch of lavender. 


Vendela and Gold Strike roses with variegated pitt. Perfect for summertime!

wedding-flower ideas-yellow-cream-rose-wedding-bouquet

Bridal bouquet of sunflowers and white snapdragon. 


White and purple bridal bouquet with roses, lisianthus and lavender.


 Classic red rose bridal bouquet.


Wedding flower ideas for winter: Red and white Gerbera daisies and roses with a matching boutonniere. 


Red and gold bridal bouquet with gerberas, spray roses, mini calla lilies, tulips, hypericum and seeded eucalyptus.


Winter bridal bouquet: white hydrangea, white ranunculus, cream Vendela roses, burgundy Hocus Pocus roses, peach accent roses and seeded eucalyptus.


Fall bridal bouquet in purple and burgundy hues: dahlias, virburnum berry, scabiosa, purple stock and eucalyptus.


Red and burgundy bridal bouquet with orchids and roses, accented with white roses.

Hot pink bridal bouquet with roses, dahlias, accented with blue thistle.


Fall orange bridal bouquet with calla lilies, roses and greenery.

Fall orange bridal bouquet of roses, calla lilies, orchids hypericum berries and seeded eucalyptus.


Colorful wildflower bridal bouquet with dahlia, roses, ranunculus, thistle and greenery.

Colorful bridal bouquet of orange, and pink roses with rice flower and greenery.

Bright summer bridal bouquet of orange roses and dahlias, hot pink spray roses and green hypericum berries.


Orange and white bridal bouquet with Bird of Paradise and calla lilies. 

Orange and white bridal bouquet with Mondial and Free Spirit roses, freesia and orange hypericum.


Colorful bridal bouquet with orange and cream roses, green button and spider mums, green hydrangea accented with black viburnum berries.


Deep blue hydrangeas, white roses and white mini calla lilies.


White roses accented with blue delphinium.


White roses and blue dendrobium orchids with a matching boutonniere.


Blue delphinium, white blizzard rose, hydrangea, seeded eucalyptus and white trachelium. 


Lush round bouquet designed with roses, dusty miller, dark purple scabiosa, dahlias and seeded eucalyptus.


Light pink and white bridal bouquet with roses, freesia and dusty miller.

Medium bridal bouquet of white and light pink peonies with white sweet pea.


Bridal bouquet of white dahlias, dusty pink roses and dusty miller.


Pink bridal bouquet: ranunculus, hydrangea, anemone, majolica spray rose.


 Classic bouquet of hot pink tulips and bear grass. 

Colorful wildflower-style bridal bouquet.


Colorful summer bouquet with dark pink ranunculus, peach roses, white hydrangea and yellow freesia. 


Colorful spring bridal bouquet with creams, purples, pink and yellow.


Premium Bridal Bouquets

Below are examples of premium bridal bouquets that require an additional upgrade from our package. This is either due to size, style or premium flower choices such as orchids, calla lilies, garden roses and peonies.

White and silver bridal bouquet of roses, hydrangea and silver brunia.


White and silver bridal bouquet: white ranunculus, dahlia and anemone accented with silver brunia.


Summer bouquet of white roses, white mini calla lilies and citrus and peach cymbidium orchids.


 Hot pink bridal bouquet of baroness garden roses.


Purple succulent wedding bouquet with dahlias and greens.


Colorful bridal bouquet with juliet garden roses, roses, succulents and eucalyptus.


Orange and yellow bridal bouquet with calla lilies, orchids, roses and eucalyptus.

Bouquet of roses, ranunculus and succulents in orange, peach and pink tones with greenery.

Spring bridal bouquet of white peonies, hot pink peonies and white mini calla lilies accented with eucalyptus leaves. pink-white-spring-bridal-bouquet

Purple and white wedding flowers: mini calla lilies and roses.purple-and-white-wedding-flowers

All green bouquet of calla lilies, cymbidium orchids and roses.green-bridal-bouquet-callas-orchids

Blush wedding bouquet with white peonies and light pink and peach roses. blush-wedding-bouquet-white-peonies

Elegant bridal bouquet of pink garden roses and jasmine.pink-garden-roses-bridal-bouquet

Fall bridal bouquet: brown orchids, Juliet garden roses, burnt orange and beige roses accented with seeded eucalyptus.fall-bridal-bouquet-muted-tones

White and green bridal bouquet with peonies, ranunculus and freesia.white-green-bridal-bouquet-peony-ranunculus

White calla lily bridal bouquet.


Classic bridal bouquet of white calla lilies with greenery accent.

Bouquet of roses, succulents and dusty miller.

Loose bridal bouquet with roses, hydrangea, dusty miller and eucalyptus.

Loose bridal bouquet with white garden roses, dusty miller and eucalyptus.

Loose Bohemian-style bouquet with white flowers and greenery. Featuring eucalyptus, roses and calla lilies.

loose white and green bridal bouquet

Springtime bridal bouquet with succulents, dusty miller, ranunculus, and roses.


Bridal bouquet featuring juliet garden roses and pink standard roses. 


Juliet garden roses, pink roses and blue delphinium.


White, cream and burgundy bouquet with orchids, hydrangea and roses.

Bridal bouquet of black magic roses accented with deep purple calla lilies.


White peonies with blue delphinium.


Bridal bouquet of white hydrangea and freesia, peach Juliet garden roses and purple lisianthus.


Coordinating bridal and bridesmaid bouquets with white roses, white mini calla lilies, blue hydrangea and eucalyptus.


Bridal bouquet of cream roses and Juliet peach garden roses.


Garden style bridal bouquet of Juliet garden roses, spray roses, hydrangea and ranunculus.


Black calla lily bridal bouquet accented with white freesia and a touch of sparkle.


Pink bridal bouquet with burgundy peonies, light pink peonies and hot pink roses.


Summer bridal bouquet: succulents, dusty miller, pink roses, ivory dahlias and jasmine.


Pink and white bridal bouquet with hydrangea, dusty miller, ranunculus, roses and stephanotis.


Elegant bridal bouquet of white garden roses, peach roses, dusty miller and eucalyptus.


Loose spring bridal bouquet with hot pink peonies, Juliet garden roses, white ranunculus and eucalyptus.


White and purple bridal bouquet with roses and calla lilies.


Red and burgundy fall bridal bouquet featuring roses, garden roses and celosia.


Fall succulent bridal bouquet with dahlias, silver brunia and eucalyptus.


Colorful spring bridal bouquet with peonies, garden roses, freesia and eucalyptus.


Bridal bouquet with peonies, garden roses, succulents, ranunculus, scabiosa pods and craspedia. 


Premium Cascading Bridal Bouquets

Peach Juliet garden roses, light pink roses, white freesia and purple eucalyptus in a cascading style.



Pink, white and orange cascading bridal bouquet with garden roses, roses, ranunculus and freesia.

Cascading bridal bouquet with white calla lilies, roses and succulents.

Pink lilies and roses with pink wax flower.


 All-white cascading bridal bouquet. Featuring white lilies, roses, mini calla lilies and dendrobium orchids.


Flower Crowns

Colorful floral crown with spray roses, ranunculus and freesia.


Flower girl crown with pale pink spray roses and baby’s breath.


Large bridal floral crown with garden roses, roses, ranunculus and greens.

Large bridal floral crown with garden roses and ranunculus

Petite bridal floral crown of white spray roses and greenery.

Petite bridal floral crown of white spray roses and greenery


White freesia boutonniere.

White freesia boutonniere

White and light pink spray rose boutonniere.

Light pink spray rose boutonniere

White spray rose and mini succulent boutonniere.

Mini succulent boutonniere

Rustic white ranunculus boutonniere with silver brunia and eucalyptus.

White ranunculus boutonniere with silver brunia

White ranunculus and freesia boutonniere.

White ranunculus and freesia boutonniere

Classic white rose boutonniere.

White rose boutonniere

White spray rose boutonniere.

White spray rose boutonniere

Red orchid boutonniere with seeded eucalyptus.

red orchid boutonniere with seeded eucalyptus

Red spray rose boutonniere.

Red spray rose boutonniere

Blue tweedia boutonniere with eucalyptus and lemon leaf.

Blue tweedia boutonniere

Bird of paradise with purple calla lily boutonniere.

Bird of paradise boutonniere