Outdoor Winter Wedding Flowers

Planning to hold your winter wedding outdoors? You’ll need to choose flowers that will stand up to cold temperatures. Luckily most blooms do well in chilly weather, as long as it’s above freezing. However Sak’s Florist recommends staying away from common spring flowers such as lilies and irises, which could freeze outdoors. Roses are a popular winter flower for good reason; they love the cold weather. Some other hearty options include mums and carnations, which can have a stunning impact when bunched tightly together. A red and white bouquet accented with some greens is a popular bridal bouquet choice for a winter wedding. For brides opting for a classic look, an all-white wedding bouquet holds an elegant, timeless appeal.

   red-carnation-winter-wedding-bouquet   white-carnation-winter-wedding-bouquet

                  Bridal Bouquet of Red Carnations                      White Carnation Bouquet with Green Accents

Budget Winter Blooms

For the budget-conscious bride, choosing inexpensive flower varieties will help keep costs down. Popular wedding bouquet flowers such as hydrangeas, calla lilies and orchids can be pricey. Instead, use blooms such as mums and carnations to help you lower your costs. These cost-effective flowers allow you to use a lot of stems for maximum impact, without going over your budget. If your winter wedding is close to Valentines’s Day, be prepared to pay inflated prices for roses, especially red ones. A beautiful flower alternative to red roses are gerber daisies, which come in an array of colors, including red and white.


Photo Source: Flowerbud